Kilterkonkurranse, 1.-24. desember

From the 1st of December to 24th of December, many kilterboards in Scandinavia will take part in a kilter competition. 300 problems divided into 3 classes will crown Scandinavias official kilter king and queen. 12 solid prizes provided by Arc'teryx, awarded to the two best girls and boys in each category.

Beginner (4a-6a)
Intermediate (6a-7a)
 Advanced (7a+ - 8a+) 

 We also choose the best country. So this is your chance to humiliate your neighbour.

How do you join?
Go to:

Here you create a user, register and select the category in which you want to compete.

On the Scorecard you can see which routes are included in the competition. And this is where you log the routes you manage. You can also see where you are on the results list.Some Rules : - All the problems are at 40 degrees. - Flash of a route gives 10 points - If you complete a route in several attempts, you get 8 points. - If you have done a route before, you must do it again during the competition. - The competition starts on December 1st 17:00, ends on December 24 at 17:00.