What's up?

At the climbing pub on Sept 18th, there will be a beer tasting evene! Corrie from 7 Fjell will come to tell us about beer, about 7 Fjell brewery, and guide us through the beer types we will be trying. As a welcome beer, you will get Småtøs, followed by tasting of Bergen Blanc 1799, Gjemmekontor IPA, Beffen solidarity...

One Friday each month during the autumn, we arrange an informal bouldering competition with the selected boulders of our route setters. There will be boulders at all levels, and great prizes from Black Diamond! Participation is free of charge (you just pay entrance like normal). There is maximum 50 participants, and you have to sign up here. It is...

The summer vacation is over, the rain is back, and we are entering into the climbing gym peak season. Due to the need for social distancing (1 meter!), our capacity for visitors is reduced compared to pre-corona times. This will be particularly be a challenge during the weekends, therefor we have to do the following:

Every fourth Sunday (Sept 20th, Oct 18th, Nov 15th and Dec 13th), Rebecca will give two 90-minute yoga classes. The first is a dynamic vinyasa flow class focuing on strengthning shoulders, core and balance, as well as hip opening. 4pm-5.30pm. The second is a yin-style class, focued on strethcing, where all positions are sitting or lying down, and...

Climbing pub both Friday and Saturday the coming week! We are streaming the seasons only world cup in lead climbing, which will happen in Briancon, France.
Due to corona we need to restrict the number of people, and you need to sign up here. (free of charge).
The seminfinals will be on Friday, with observation of...

Friday August 14th, the climbing pub is finally back after the summer vacation! Due to corona-restriction a limited number of people will be admitted, and you have to register here (free of charge). Ordering and serving of alcohol will be done by the tables.

Breakfast bouldering is back! We have a breakfast buffet with pumpkin seed rolls, ham, cheese, vegetables, jam and butter, croissants (chocolate or plain), and coffee or tea of your choice. Breakfast is served from 7am to 10am to a nice total price of 60NOK. Start you day right with an early bouldering session, with breakfast before or after!

Friday it was finally confirmed that gyms can re-open from June 15th! We will go back to normal opening hours, and all annual cards, puch passes etc will be activated.

Reservation for groups on June 1st - 4th is now open! Sign up here. New groups for the coming days will be added continuously , 3-4 days before the groups. You may come alone or with friends, but everyone has to sign up by themselves, as we need the contact information of everyone participating. The maximum number per group in...

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