What's up?

Tuesday August 31st from 7am-10pm, all students with a valid student card climb for free in our gym. You need to rent climbing shoes if you don't have your own. Bouldering (climbing on low walls over a mat) does not require any course or previous experience, so everyone can come and try. We will have an instructor at work all...

At the climbing pub Saturday 3rd we are showing the movie Janja Garnbret- The Perfect Season, produced by Reel Rock. Janja took the olympic gold a few weeks ago, and has won pretty much everything in both bouldering and lead the last few seasons. In this movie we meet Janja in her home town in Slovenia and follow her as...

One Friday a month during the autumn, you can test yourself on the routesetters' choice of boulders in the E9 cup. Then you get tested on a variety of different climbing styles and technical challenges, and will be "forced" to try extra hard on things you might struggle with;-)

From Thursday 25th, new national corona regulations are in place. Gyms can only remain open for clients from the same commune, meaning that only people living in Bergen may train in our gym*.

One Friday each month during the autumn, we arrange an informal bouldering competition with the selected boulders of our route setters. There will be boulders at all levels, and great prizes! Participation is free of charge (you just pay entrance like normal).

Every Thursday we open at 7am! We have a breakfast buffet with pumpkin seed rolls, ham, cheese, vegetables, jam and butter, croissants (chocolate or plain), and coffee or tea of your choice. Breakfast is served from 7am to 10am to a nice total price of 60NOK. Start you day right with an early bouldering session, with breakfast before or after! ...

Covid-19 is once again increasing in Bergen, and a number of new rules and recommendations have been given for the coming 4 weeks, including a recommendation to wear face masks indoors in public places where 1 m distance cannot be maintained. It has been specified that this should not be necessary in gyms, BUT PLEASE REMEMBER TO KEEP YOUR...

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