What's up?

Covid-19 is once again increasing in Bergen, and a number of new rules and recommendations have been given for the coming 4 weeks, including a recommendation to wear face masks indoors in public places where 1 m distance cannot be maintained. It has been specified that this should not be necessary in gyms, BUT PLEASE REMEMBER TO KEEP YOUR...

At the climbing pub Friday Oct 30th, we will do another beer tasting. Corrie from 7 Fjell will visit us again, and we will test another 5 beer types that have not been served at Bergen Klatresenter before.

Saturday Oct 31st we celebrate Halloween at Bergen Klatresenter. We stay open for bouldering until 8pm, and urge everyone to dress up, especially if you train late! (please be careful with makeup as this is very hard to clean from the bouldering mats)

Friday October 23rd, we arrange dyno- and coordination seminars! Dynamic moves, jumps and coordination moves can be mentally challening, so we'll talk a bit about that. We also have some cool boulders that we will try; how to climb them? what technical aspects should you keep in mind? We try, fail and try again! This will be fun!

The infection control office in Bergen called us last night to inform us that a person who trained in our facility from 7pm to 9pm on Monday night, October 12th, has later tested positive for Covid-19. There is no reason for a general quarantene for everyone who trained that night, and close contacts of the person are contacted directly...

The children's room will be used for groups (and therefore closed for other visitors Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 5pm-6pm. The groups last for 10 weeks with a break during the autumn vacation. If you need to check when the different rooms are used by the groups, you can find this information in our acitivity calendar.

At the climbing pub on Sept 18th, there will be a beer tasting evene! Corrie from 7 Fjell will come to tell us about beer, about 7 Fjell brewery, and guide us through the beer types we will be trying. As a welcome beer, you will get Småtøs, followed by tasting of Bergen Blanc 1799, Gjemmekontor IPA, Beffen solidarity...

One Friday each month during the autumn, we arrange an informal bouldering competition with the selected boulders of our route setters. There will be boulders at all levels, and great prizes from Black Diamond! Participation is free of charge (you just pay entrance like normal). There is maximum 50 participants, and you have to sign up here. It is...

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