Children's room

Bouldring is a perfect activity for children of all ages! We have a large children's room with its own bouldering wall and other climbing related fun stuff. This includes a 3.5m shark hanging from the roof to climb on, a net for climbing, a slide and obstacle course. The bouldering wall goes from vertical to slab (6 and 10 degrees), and has boulders set specifically for children, with climbing holds for children and short distance between the holds. Children below the age of 13 must be looked after by an adult. The children's room has windows from the floor to the ceiling towards the café area, making it possible to watch the children while enoying a coffee.  

Climbing groups

We have groups for ages 5-16 years old, that have weekly climbing sessions with instructors. See  "Courses and groups" for more info.


If you bring children, you need to make sure they don't go underneath people climbing. Older children may climb in the main bouldering room when they need further challenges, but must be accompanied by an adult. In the main bouldering room, children may not run around, play on the mats etc. This is dangerous, as climbers may fall at any time! 

Birthday celebrations

If you are looking for an unusual birthday celebration for your child, this is the place!

Suitable for: children 4-11 years old

Price: 275 per child (minimum price 1650)

Duration: 2 hours

Maximum number: 12

The children get their own birthday room where pizza is served. The parents may bring a cake. We decorate the room, supply all equippment and climbing instructor. One or two parents should be present. The children get to use the childrens' climbing room, and for kids aged 7 and above, we also offer climbing on autobelay. We want all children to have a positive experience and find suitable challenges they are able to do.

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