Courses and groups

Introduction to bouldering:

Duration: 2 hours. Only once.

No prior experience with bouldering or other climbing is needed. 

Price: 500,- includes entrance, shoe rental and chalk. 

The course is suitable for people with little or no experience with bouldering/climbing. It is also suitable for people currently climbing pink or green boulders. Har du aldri gått kurs eller jobbet med klatreteknikk før, vil du ha stort utbytte av dette kurset.

We give you an introduction to basic climbing technique. You will learn to move on the wall, and we focus on mobility, technique and balance. This helps you become a better climber. You will get faster progress and get more out of your time at the gym. 



What is bouldering

Basic technique and movement

Centre of gravity and balance


Nov 7th, Nov 21st, Nov 28th, Dec 12th, 19.30-21.30

Reservation and payment:

Maximum 6 and minimum 2 participants per course. Reservation is done here, while you pay in the reception at the centre before the course.

Cancellation is free of charge until 3 days before. Later cancellation: half the fee will be billed. No show/no cancellation: the whole fee will be billed. Later cancellation is ok if due to sickness or injury (doctor's certificate must be provided).

Climbing groups for children:

Price 1700,- per semester.

Climbing groups for children start week 36. No prior experience is required. We will introduce climbing in a playful way, to develop motor skills, balance and mobility. The children will learn bouldering in a safe environment in the children's room, led by two intructors. Each group has space for 10 children and lasts from week 36-48 (autumn vacation week 41). Gear rental is included in the training fee.

Children group 1, 5-6 years old: Mon, Tues or Wed, time: 16.45 - 17.45 (all FULL)

Children group 2, 7-9 years old: Mon, Tues or Wed, time: 18.00 - 19.00 (all FULL)

Children group 3, 10-12 years old: Thurs, time: 16.45 - 17.45 FULL

Youth group:

Price 2000,- per semester.

Starts week 36. The youth group is for age 13-16. No prior experience is required. They will learn bouldering and get to follow a training plan lead by one or two instructors. There are eight spaces in the group, and it lasts from week 36-48 (autumn vacation 41). Gear rental is included in the training fee.

Youth group 1, 13-16 years old: Thurs, time: 18.00-19.30 FULL

To sign up for the groups, e-mail

Please include which day and group you want, the full name of the child, age and contact information for a parent. 

When groups are full, there will be a waiting list, please e-mail us if you want to be on the waiting list. Then you are first in line if free spaces appear in the groups, or if we manage to arrange additional groups. 


Different types of groups are welcome to visit us. We can help you tailor a plan with or without an instructor. Contact 

Training groups, adults

Training groups for adults will start during autumn 2019. These groups will be arranged for different levels of previous experience/climbing skills, at set nights each week. The idea is to train in a small group with an instructor, to have a good time, socialize and improve your climbing skills together with people climbing at approximately the same level as yourself. 

More info will be published after we open in August. 

Personal trainer

We have several personal trainers at Bergen Climbing Centre. Perfect for people who want an individually tailored training program. 

Please e-mail if you are interested.

More info to come during autumn 2019. 

Opening hours:

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