E9 cup, spring 2023


One Friday a month during the spring, you can test yourself on the routesetters' choice of boulders in the E9 cup. Then you get tested on a variety of different climbing styles and technical challenges, and will be "forced" to try extra hard on things you might struggle with;-)

There will be boulders at all levels, and prize winners will be drawn randomly from all participants at each event, in addition to prizes to top-3 men and women overall after all 5 events during the autumn. Prize winnners are announced in our insta story after each event.

You need to register your boulders at scorecard.info, where you need to log in with/make a Vertical Life-user in order to participate. Boulders need to be logged by 21.15 to participate.

From 8pm- midnight, we will arrange climbing pub (the bouldering stays open until 9pm).

The cup will be arranged at both our gyms, Laksevåg and Fana. 

Dates, spring 2023:

Fri Jan 27th, round 1: Laksevåg
Fri Feb 24th, round 2: Fana
Fri March 24th, round 3, Laksevåg
Fri April 21st, round 4, Fana
Fri May 12th, round 5, Laksevåg