BKS clinic


From August 10th we will start a treatment clinic at Bergen Climbing Centre. So far, our team consists of a physiotherapist, a naprapath and an acupunturist. The aim is to create an interdisiplinary clinic that can help patients in the best way possible, both those training at the centre and clients from outside. 

More information is coming!

To book an appointment:

Physiotherapist Lars Mjaavatn

Lars Mjaavatn is a physiotherapist and acupunturist, who has been running his own clinic in Nyborg in Åsane for 14 years, the last 4 years together with Karina Kjellevold. Lars has extensive experience with treatment and rehabilitation of muscle and skeletal issues. He has treated climbers and other athletes for many years and has an active approach to re-training and rehabilitation.

You can book an appointment in "pasientskyappen" or via https://my.pasientsky.no/no/

Phone: 41 50 48 41

Lars will be at BKS on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Naprapath Guro Myrkaskog

Guro Myrkaskog is trained as a naprapath and has been running her own clinic in Vik in Sogn. She will now start at the BKS clinic.  

The strength of naprapaty compared to other manual therapies, is the combined treatment of both joints and muscles. Several treatment techniques are used, adapted to each individual patient. The treatment can be very variable, depending on the character of the pain, cause and localisation. Treatment techniques used include massage, treatment of trigger points, muscle stretching, mobilization and manipulation.  

To book an appoitment:


Phone: 900 57 686


Guro will be at BKS on Wednesdays.

Acupuncturist Karina Kjellevold

Karina Kjellevold is an acupunturist and a nurse. She has been working as an acupuncturist in Åsane for 15 years, and has long experience with the treatment of the muscle and skeletal system with acupuncture. Additionally, she works with classical acupuncture for conditions such as morning sickness in pregnancy, hot flushes etc. She also works as a nurse in the emergency room and at Volvat.  

To book an appointment: 909 63 791


Karina will work Mon-Wed and Fridays.