Reservation for training groups is now open


Reservation for groups on June 1st - 4th is now open! Sign up here.  New groups for the coming days will be added continuously , 3-4 days before the groups. You may come alone or with friends, but everyone has to sign up by themselves, as we need the contact information of everyone participating. The maximum number per group in the main room is 20 and 10 in Bakrommet, and you train on your own without an instructor. You will have to stay in the same bouldering room throughout the training, but may of course sign up for groups in the different rooms on different days. Each group lasts 1 hour 50 minutes, followed by a 10-minute break before the next group, to prevent crowding. The age-limit for the groups is 16 years old, as there is a requirement of instructors for children and youth groups, thus we do not have capacity to start more groups than the ones we have already. To cancel your reservation is free of charge until 12 hours before the groups (you do this via the link in the confirmation e-mail you get when you sign up), if you don't cancel and don't show up, you will have to pay for the group. Annual cards/monthly cards/ punch passes will still be closed until June 15th and cannot be used.

When you come to train, the following rules apply:

If you are sick, even a little bit sick or in quarantene, stay at home!

Wash your hands thoroughly before and after bouldering and use hand sanitizer along the way. We also recommend the use of liquid chalk.

Keep your distance to other people, minimum 1 meter.

If you arrive ahead of time, wait in the cafè-area until the time for your group. Leave the training area as soon as the group is finished.

The locker rooms are closed, with the exception of the toilet and sink for washing hands. Please show up in your training clothes, bring your bag/jacket to the training area, and shower at home.

Bring your water bottle already filled up from home. The bottle should remain in your bag when not in use.

The training area is temporarily closed (will hopefully be re-opened on June 15th)

Gear rental: socks must be used in the rental shoes. It is no longer possible to rent chalk buckets.