Inspirational night: Troll Wall, January 10th


Inspirational night:

We are starting a New concept at Bergen Climbing centre. Once in a while, we will arrange pub Nights With presentations from near and far. If anyone has something they would like to share, you can have the oportunity at Our pub nights. It doesn't have to be Advanced or dramatic. 

The first one is however not without drama:

Project Troll wall:

The story of a climbing dream. About the Norwegian route in the Troll Wall. 

In the summer of 2018, Lars Mjaavatn and Eivind Nordeide climbed North Europes highest vertical rock face.  

We will start this years Friday pub With photos and a presentation from the trip, by Lars Mjaavatn. 

The bar is open from 20.00 (the bouoldering is then closed, and there is an 18-year age limit), the presentations starts around 21. We also serve pizza. Welcome!