Friday cup this autumn


One Friday each month during the autumn, we arrange an informal bouldering competition with the selected boulders of our route setters. There will be boulders at all levels, and great prizes from Black Diamond! Participation is free of charge (you just pay entrance like normal). There is maximum 50 participants, and you have to sign up here. It is still possible to train as normal without participating in the cup.

Dates for the cup are Sept 11th, Oct 2nd, Nov 6th and Dec 4th.

The competition lasts from 3.30pm to 9pm, but you show up whenever you want (it lasts a long time to spread people out during that time). You will get a scorecard in the reception (these will be spread out across all the different walls/rooms to prevent gatherings of people), where you tick off the boulders you send. The scorecard must be handed in at the reception before 9pm. Prizes will be drawn from all participants at each event (the winner is announced at the pub and insta/our website), and to those that complete the most boulders overall after all the cups during the autumn.  

Due to the escalating corona situation, there will be no pub after the cup on Nov 6th, and we close at 9pm

Photo: @bjoron91

Prize winners of the first round (by lottery):

Diogo Correia - Black Diamond T-shirt                                                                                   

Karl Purcell - Black Diamond T-shirt                                                                                      

Hilde Bekkeheim - Patagonia mug                                                                                        

Endre Johnsen - Patagonia mug                                                                                            

Mikas Nartis - 20% discount card to our shop                                                                                   

Astrid Tessem - 20% discount card to our shop                              

Maren Ameline Frønsdal - 20% discount card to our shop                          

Alva Fossen - 20% discount card to our shop                               

Olav Jonassen - 20% discount card to our shop

Those who have not yet recieved their prize can pick it up in the reception.