Dyno/coordination seminar and pub, Fri Oct 23rd


Friday October 23rd, we arrange dyno- and coordination seminars! Dynamic moves, jumps and coordination moves can be mentally challening, so we'll talk a bit about that. We also have some cool boulders that we will try; how to climb them? what technical aspects should you keep in mind? We try, fail and try again! This will be fun! 

The seminar lasts 45 min and costs 125NOK  (you need to pay entry in addition), max 6 persons per group. Please make sure you warm up before the seminar starts!

6pm- 6.45 pm: Level pink - orange

7pm - 7.45 pm: Level yellow and up 

8pm - 8.45 pm: Level yellow and up 

The climbing pub starts at 9 pm, the bouldering is then closed and the age limit is 18-years old. 

You need to sign up, both for the seminars and the pub.