Covid-19 update


Covid-19 is once again increasing in Bergen, and a number of new rules and recommendations have been given for the coming 4 weeks, including a recommendation to wear face masks indoors in public places where 1 m distance cannot be maintained. It has been specified that this should not be necessary in gyms, BUT PLEASE REMEMBER TO KEEP YOUR DISTANCE! This will be easiest if people take full advantage of our opening hours: 

  • Train during daytime if you can.
  • Avoid the period from 6pm-8pm on the weekdays if you can. 
  • If you train when the gym is quite full, use the whole space and choose another wall than where there are already many people. If the bouldering room becomes full, new arrivals will be asked to wait in the café. 
  • On the weekends, we have quite a lot of visitors all day long, but the last few weekends there has been most people in the period 10pm-12pm. Saturday 31st we extend our opening hours to 8pm, so come train in the afternoon or evening!  
  • We ask everyone training on weekends and on weeknights to limit your climbing time to maximum 2 hours. 

I certain situations you will meet our emplyees with a face mask, for instance when helping to put on harnesses for the autobelay or waiting at the tables at the pub. The pub this weekend will be held according to the new rules and recommendations, thereafter the climbing pub will take a break for the rest of the four week period. We urge everyone to spend November training extra hard (preferably during daytime!), go to bed early and enjoy your Friday beer at home. Please help reduce the rate of new infections in Bergen, so we can stay open for you the whole winter! 

Furthermore, these rules still apply:

Everyone need to pay entrance during the weekends, even if you are not climbing yourself (due to reduced capacity, non-climbing parents can no longer come along free of charge). 

We need to keep records of who has been training in case there is a disease outbreak. Thus, everyone have to remember to scan their cards as soon as they arrive at the gym. It is no longer possible to pay for a friend with your punch pass, it can only be used by yourself. People buying drop-in need to be registered with name and phone number.

Equippment in the training room needs to be sprayed with desinfectant and wiped down after use. Maximum 10 people in the training room at once. 

If you bring children, it is your responsibility that they wash their hands and keep distance to other people. 

The locker rooms and showers are open, but please remember to keep distance also here, and please spray with desinfectant and wipe down your locker after use.