Covid-19 update


The summer vacation is over, the rain is back, and we are entering into the climbing gym peak season. Due to the need for social distancing (1 meter!), our capacity for visitors is reduced compared to pre-corona times. This will be particularly be a challenge during the weekends, therefor we have to do the following: 

  • We ask everyone that climb during the weekend to limit their climbing time to maximum two hours. 
  • If you are have the possibility to do so, try to avoid the busiest time of the day (typically noon - 3pm).
  • If we are full, people will have to wait outside until there is capacity. 
  • Everyone need to pay entrance during the weekends, even if you are not climbing yourself. 

We also want to remind everyone to keep their distance, and try to spread out in the space available, rather than flocking together as mackrels in a school under the new boulders of the day. 

Furthermore, the following still applies:

    • The most important is that people who are sick or in quarantene stay at home, that everyone maintain good hygiene (wash your hands!) and keep your distance to other people (at least one meter).
    • We need to keep records of who has been training in case there is a disease outbreak. Thus, everyone have to remember to scan their cards as soon as they arrive at the gym. It is no longer possible to pay for a friend with your punch pass, it can only be used by yourself. People buying drop-in need to be registered with name and phone number.
    • We can not let more people into the gym, so that it's no longer possible to maintain the one meter rule. Train during the day-time on the weekdays if you can, and try to avoid peak hours in the weekends.
    • Locker-rooms, showers and saunas are open again, but the one meter rule applies here as well, and people need to wipe down their lockers after use. We have to clean surfaces regularly, and despite not always having employees of each gender at work, we still need to go into the locker rooms to clean. We will knock and let you know we are coming, but we recommend that the door to the showers is kept close when the shower is used.
    • Equippment in the training room needs to be sprayed with desinfectant and wiped down after use. Maximum 10 people in the training room at once.
    • If you bring children, it is your responsibility that they wash their hands and keep distance to other people.