Covid-19 measures at Bergen Climbing Centre



The situation in Norway is escalating rapidly, and we take the following measures: 

All children and youth groups are cancelled from today.

We introduce a 13-year age limit for the whole centre (from today) . Children can not be expected to keep their distance to other people and adhere to hygiene advice as well as adults, and we would also like to reduce the number of people using the centre during the weekends. 

Climbing pub is cancelled both tomorrow and next Friday. 

Birthday celebrations have been cancelled for all of March.

We will not start any new courses in the coming weeks. 

Also, we urge everyone to take responsibility to reduce the spread of the infection, both by good hygiene, keeping their distance to other people and staying far away from training if you feel sick, a little bit sick or especially if you are in quarantene! 


At the moment we remain open and the children's groups also run as normal, but we pay attention to all new recommendations from the FHI and Bergen kommune. Any changes will be annonced in our webpages and Facebook page. 

We urge everyone to wash or desinfect their hands before and while climbing. Dispensers with hand desinfectant can be found in all rooms. We also recommend the use of liquid chalk, which contains more than 70% alcohol and hence also serves as a desinfectant. For groups, the instructors make sure everyone desinfects their hands both before and after climbing. 

We have an increased focus on hygiene, both in the cafè and in the centre in general, including frequent cleaning of surfaces such as door handles with desinfectant. 

We urge people to stay at home from training if they are feeling sick.