Climbing pub with the movie Reel Rock 15, June Fri 18th and Sat 19th


At the climbing pub June 18th and 19th, we screen the movie Reel Rock 15! The pub starts at 8pm, and the movie around 9pm, so people have time to get a round of beer and pizza first. 

As we have to pay for the rights to screen the movie, we collect a CC of NOK 50 kr per person. The bouldering closes when the pub starts (meaning that we are open for bouldering until 8pm on Saturday!), and we then have a 18-year age limit. Due to limited space you need to book your spot

Here is the description of the movie (consisting of four parts) from Reel Rock:

Capturing the greatest stories and sends from the year in climbing, the four new films of REEL ROCK 15 deliver a joyful dose of inspiration, heart and humor. Witness an unimaginable triumph of determination, an epic journey of self-discovery, a magical adventure across the world and a bond-building expedition that forever changes lives.

DEEP ROOTS - 25 mins

Lonnie Kauk's personal journey to honor his indigenous Yosemite roots, and to connect with his legendary father by repeating his iconic climbs.


French powerhouse Melissa Le Nevé spends seven years battling insane moves, inner doubt, and the burden of history to climb the most revered sport route on earth.


Best friends Hazel Findlay and Maddie Cope journey to the rocky outer reaches of Mongolia, on a quixotic search for new trad routes.

BLACK ICE - 35 mins

A crew of aspiring ice climbers from the Memphis Rox gym travels to the frozen wilds of Montana, where mentors Manoah Ainuu, Conrad Anker and Fred Campbell share their love of winter adventure in the mountains.