Children's climbing groups from Sept 14th

Tomorrow, our children's groups will start for the autumn semester. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 6pm-7pm and Thursday from 5pm-7pm, "Bakrommet" (the bouldering room behind the training area) will be reserved for these groups. That means reduced capacity at the centre, and we urge everyone to train at other times of the day if you have that possibility. If the main room becomes full, we will ask people to wait in the cafè until there is capacity. We have the most free space and reduced drop-in price during daytime on the weekdays. 

The children's room will be used for groups (and therefore closed for other visitors Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 5pm-6pm. The groups last for 10 weeks with a break during the autumn vacation. If you need to check when the different rooms are used by the groups, you can find this information in our acitivity calendar

All groups are currently full, please e-mail if you want to be on the waiting list.