Beer tasting with 7 Fjell, Friday Sept 18th


At the climbing pub on Sept 18th, there will be a beer tasting evene! Corrie from 7 Fjell will come to tell us about beer, about 7 Fjell brewery, and guide us through the beer types we will be trying. As a welcome beer, you will get Småtøs, followed by tasting of  Bergen Blanc 1799, Gjemmekontor IPA, Beffen solidarity Lager, and Fløien IPA. We will serve a whole beer of the first one, followed by half of each of the others. The price to participate is 250NOK, which includes all the beer in the tasting.  

The tasting itselt will last from 8pm to approximately 10pm, but we stay open til midnight, and of course you can buy both pizza and more to drink, both during and after the tasting. 

Due to limited space you need to sign up. 

The bouldering closes at 8pm.