Updated December 16th.

The most important rules are the following:

  • Stay at home if you are sick or in quarantine
  • Keep your distance to others, minimum 1 m
  • Practice hand hygiene before and after climbing, and especially if you use the café

It is compulsory to wear face masks indoors in public places where 1 m distance cannot be maintained. It has been specified that this should not be necessary in gyms, BUT PLEASE REMEMBER TO KEEP YOUR DISTANCE! Situations where a face mask would be necessary are typically when you arrive/leave or when moving around in the café during the breakfast buffet for instance. Our staff will also use face masks when moving around in the gym.

To make it possible to keep 1 m distance, everyone needs to book training time, and not stay in the bouldering rooms longer than their time slot (it is ok to use the locker rooms, café etc before and after your training time, but remember to keep your distance to others also here!)

We recommend that people take full advantage of our opening hours:

  • Train during daytime on weekdays if you can.
  • If you train when the gym is quite full, use the whole space and choose another wall than where there are already many people.
  • We ask everyone to limit your climbing time to maximum 2 hours.
  • Everyone need to pay entrance, even if you are not climbing yourself (due to reduced capacity, non-climbing parents can no longer come along free of charge).

Equipment in the training room needs to be sprayed with disinfectant and wiped down after use. Maximum 10 people in the training room at once.

If you bring children, it is your responsibility that they wash their hands and keep distance to other people.

The locker rooms are open for use, but please remember to keep your distance to others also here, and spray with disinfectant and wipe off your locker after use.

Climbing pub:

There is no climbing pub at the moment, due to the national ban against serving alcohol.