Updated 06.04.2021

From April 6th, Bergen once again follows the national regulations for gyms (which at the moment are in place until April 14th). Gyms can only remain open for clients from the same commune, meaning that only people living in Bergen may train in our gym. In addition, the recommendation is 2 m distance to others instead of 1 m. This means that our capacity is highly reduced, and therefore everyone needs to book training time in advance.

The most important rules are still the following:

  • Stay at home if you are sick or in quarantine
  • Keep your distance to others, now minimum 2 m
  • Practice hand hygiene before and after climbing, and especially if you use the café

FHI recommends to wear face masks indoors in public places where distance cannot be maintained. It has been specified that this should not be necessary in gyms, BUT PLEASE REMEMBER TO KEEP YOUR DISTANCE!

Due to infection tracing, we need to have control of everyone who has been here. When you book, you need to register your name, phone number and e-mail address. When you arrive at the gym, both people with a membership card and drop-in customers need to register at the reception. 

Equipment in the training room needs to be sprayed with disinfectant and wiped down after use. Keep your distance also here.

If you bring children, it is your responsibility that they wash their hands and keep distance to other people.

The locker rooms remain open, but please remember to keep your distance to others also here, and spray with disinfectant and wipe off your locker after use. However, with booking of training slots, we have several people arriving/leaving at once, meaning that it can be hard to keep distance if everyone uses the locker rooms. Therefore, we recommend that these are mainly used for access to toilets and hand washing. You may bring your bag and jacket to the training area instead of taking it to the locker room.

Climbing pub:

Due to national rules against serving of alcohol, the climbing pub will take a break until these regulations change.