Main wall

Our bouldering wall was built by Friction walls, a local company which leads the way in designing and building climbing walls. There are walls along the perimeter of the room, as well as a free standing construction in the middle of the room, totally about 350 square meters of climbing area in this room. The wall has various angles from slab to steep overhang, and offers challenges at all levels of difficulty. There will also be dedicated boulders for children in the main bouldering room. The problems are graded based on their difficulty, and we use French boulder grades (in addition to coloured tape for quick separation of the difficulty of the boulders). We use Vertical Life, which is a free app you can use to log which boulders you have done, and give feedback on the quality (star rating) and the difficulty of the boulders.

Monday December 16th 2019, we opened the "Back Room", adding another 250 sqaure meters of climbing wall. Here you find lots of New boulders, including junior boulders made especially for children.

Children's room

A large children's room with bouldering walls suited for kids and other climbing related stuff. You can also celebrate your bithday here! Read more here.

Training room

Here you can find free weights in different sizes, weight plates and the necessary equippment for exercises such as deadlift, squats and bench press, a stand for hang-ups and dips, a rowing machine, campus, kettlebells, elastic bands and mats. 

Train to climb

On our Train To Climb wall your coordination is challenged. This wall is perfect if you want to improve in «new school»/ «parcour-style» bouldring! Check out @traintoclimb on insta or the Train to climb website.

Kilter Board

The hottest digital climbing wall on the market! The very first one in Europe can be found right here in our gym! Our Kilter board is set on 40 degrees. You can connect your phone to the board with a free app (Kilter Board), and choose between loads of problems. The holds on the boulder you select will be lit up around the entire hold. Hence, it can easily be seen from all angles, and the holds are finger-friendly.

Locker rooms

Both the female and male locker rooms have toilet, showers, sauna (turned on from 18.00 every night), plenty of space to change clothes and lots of lockers to keep your stuff while you train. Bring your own padlock, or buy one in the reception. 

Opening hours:

  • Mon and Wed: 09:00 - 22:00
  • Tues and Thurs: 07.00- 22.00

  • Fri: 09.00 - 20.00

  • Sat: 09:00 - 18:00

  • Sun: 09:00 - 20:00

Contact info:

  • Bergen Klatresenter
  • Johan Berentsens vei 63, 5160 Laksevåg
  • E-mail:
  • Phone number: (+47) 90 28 79 17